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Six Keys to Life Mastery

Unlocking Life Skills for Successful Living

By Todd Alan Cudaback

About Todd Cudaback

Todd Alan Cudaback is the author of Six Keys to Life Mastery: Unlocking Life Skills for Successful Living, and the host of Life Mastery Radio, a radio talk show that empowers listeners to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Todd’s path through life started with many challenges, leading him to wrestle with questions like “Why am I so down on myself? Why is every day so robotic and dreary?”  After his third visit to alcohol recovery, he came to the conclusion that it was time for some big changes. Todd’s journey then led him to the tools he needed to transform his life, bringing him to a place of abundant happiness and clarity. With those tools now in his quiver, he realized his life’s purpose is to serve mankind by sharing those tools with others, speaking to groups, creating Life Mastery Radio and writing Six Keys to Life Mastery. Now, Todd is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant that has spent many years studying and teaching others about happiness, success, and well-being.

To learn more about Life Mastery Radio, visit the Life Mastery Radio website to view blog posts and listen to live or past shows, which cover topics like metaphysics, abundance, holistic health, and personal empowerment. Six Keys to Life Mastery is available in paperback and Kindle formats via Amazon, and you can receive a free excerpt by joining Todd’s email list.

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Six Keys to Life Mastery

In Six Keys to Life Mastery, Todd Alan Cudaback shares the challenges, struggles, and lessons he’s encountered along his path. He learned to mask emotions at an early age, and turned to alcohol as a way to ease the pain. Eventually, Todd concluded that life is what you make of it, so he changed his mindset and discovered important keys for creating positive changes. Now, Todd owns a successful hydraulics business, is the talk show host of Life Mastery Radio, and he helps others find their own path to happiness and fulfillment.

People make up their minds to be successful, but they need the steps and tools to keep moving forward, each and every day. The six keys contained in this book can provide you with the life skills you need to move onto your own path of Life Mastery.

Praise for Six Keys to Life Mastery

Six Keys to Life Mastery is a must read for teens and young adults. Todd Alan encapsulates the message our young people need to hear. His vulnerability and willingness to take personal risks for the benefit of his readers allows them to quickly incorporate his messages. Todd lays it out there for his readers; the good, the bad, and his ugly!

– Debbie Elder

Six Keys to Life Mastery is loaded with powerful ideas and tools to get you where you want to go. Todd Alan shares richly and honestly from his own experience, to accelerate your progress. Apply these big ideas and success will be yours!

– Alan Cohen, author of How Good Can It Get?

Todd shares with us an incredibly candid and vulnerable journey from addiction to leadership and life mastery. I really appreciated honesty with his struggles giving us specific points on how to overcome obstacles to life mastery.

– Mark A. Tomski, M.D.

Todd’s book provides a foundation for enduring through all you’ll likely face in life. His Keys of Mastery are not new ideas, but masterful ideas presented in a new way. His personal stories helped to illustrate the principles he teaches, and I gained valuable insight in the pages of his book. I recommend it!

– Jackie Bailey